Unofficial Pre-conference Meet-up at Tellus 360


For those who live locally or are arriving in Lancaster Thursday evening, we invite you to join us from 6:30 to 8 p.m. (maybe 9!?) at Tellus 360. We'll meet in our own private space, The Temple, on the first floor.

This event is drop-in, drop-out and casual and informal – and a perfect way to meet people ahead of time or reconnect with old friends!

Tellus 360, located next door to the Marriott, is a traditional Irish pub style — meaning you order at the bar vs. having table service. (The in-house restaurant is Home Skillet.) Also, the roof bar has a variety of street food vendors, serving items like kebabs, tacos, nachos, and deli sandwiches

Note: Location within Tellus 360 has changed from previous years. We will be in the back of the first level, in The Temple.