Survival Handbooks for Creative Writers



Are you nervous and excited about making the most of your first HippoCamp experience? Are you a returning HippoCamper, looking to prepare more mindfully and thoughtfully for an incredible weekend of writing, learning, and connecting? Join me for a generative, reflective, and creative workshop which will a) inspire us to think about many aspects of self-care and creative survival, b) push us to specifically identify the ideas and activities that relax/inspire/renew us most, and c) connect with each other in affirming our needs and creating a shared sense of compassion and intention before we kick off the conference! Each attendee will walk away with a personalized Creative Survival Handbook, filled with their own unique blueprint for self-care and inspiration, that will continue guiding their creative practice long after the conference is over.

Note: Pre-conference workshops require additional registration. Workshops are Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and include a refreshment break. Price $45.00

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  • Rae Pagliarulo

    Rae Pagliarulo is the associate editor & flash editor of Hippocampus Magazine. Her essays, poems, and articles have appeared in Full Grown People, bedfellows, Hippocampus, The Manifest-Station, r.kv.r.y. quarterly, the Brevity Blog, and others. Her work has received honors such as the 2014 Sandy Crimmins National Poetry Prize, as well...