Powering Through the Post-Publication Doldrums



Your first essay was published! (Yay!) Your book came out! (Yay!) You've gotten some buzz and fulfilled some of your childhood dreams. Why doesn't it feel like you imagined? Getting published can be wonderful, but often comes with a price—jealous friends, family fall-out, lukewarm sales, left-out spouses.

Amy Fish and Lara Lillibridge will facilitate a space for writers to talk about coping (or not coping) with the after-publication let down, and share some concrete steps to get out of the funk.

Post-Conference Materials

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  • Lara Lillibridge

    Lara Lillibridge is the author of Mama, Mama, Only Mama, Girlish: Growing Up in a Lesbian Home, and co-editor of the anthology Feminine Rising: Voices of Power and Invisibility. Lillibridge received HippoCamp's Literary Citizenship Award in 2019 and is a mentor for AWP’s Writer to Writer program.

  • Amy Fish

    Amy Fish is a HippoCamp super-fan and the author of two nonfiction books. She is currently the Ombudsperson at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.