Memory and Memoir: The Science of Memory in First Person Storytelling



A tour of the cognitive science of memory in writing memoir. We will learn about how episodic memory works, how we use stories in constructing memories, and how uncovering these processes improves the depth and honesty of memoir. Published work and the speaker's memoir-in-progress, Preacher's Kid, will show the use of emotion, embodiment, and temporal shifts to illustrate the value in acknowledging constructive memory. Participants will practice using the emotional processes of memory to engage readers, to improve memory via the specificity of setting, context, and bodily feelings, and to revise and reconstruct using flashback and flash-forward in compelling memoir.

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  • John A. Teske

    John A. Teske was a professor, scholar, and speaker on cognitive science for an award-winning academic career of almost 40 years. He has spoken in over 20 countries, and run two conferences. His presentation, "Knowing Ourselves by Telling Stories to Ourselves," was the last of many scholarly publications. His scientific...