Let's Talk About It: Writing About Mental Illness with Accuracy and Empathy



As writers, we frequently write about mental illness, psychological problems, disruptive relationships, or confusing human behavior. Our characters may have symptoms, or are being treated for depression, trauma, mood disorders, addiction, personality disorders, or delusional or psychotic illness. In Let's Talk About It, you will learn the common mental illness myths and the mistakes writers often make in developing their characters. You will learn ways to enhance the accuracy of your psychological and mental health portrayals. Most importantly, this session will enhance your appreciation of the power of writing with empathy.

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  • Kathleen English Cadmus

    Pronouns: she/her

    Kathleen English Cadmus is a mental health nurse practitioner with an MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland (Ohio) University. Her private practice provides medication management, therapy, and writing-for-healing groups. Kathleen's memoir, Intertwined, A Mother’s Memoir, 2019, KiCamProjects Press, was an American Book Fest Award Finalist. Kathleen’s essay, The Novice, was...