It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint: How to Keep Your Book Going After the First Year



When your book is finally published, part of you feels like you're at the much-deserved finish line. That couldn't be further from the truth. In many ways, it’s just the beginning. Your job is now not writing or publishing (or finding a publisher), but finding ways to engage more readers and keep interest in your book alive.

There are contests to submit to, blog posts to write, places to speak, readings to give, articles to submit – the potential steps to take are seemingly endless. We will share ideas and best practices to have endurance for this marathon (not sprint).

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  • Lisa Kohn

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    Lisa Kohn is the award-winning author of to the moon and back: a childhood under the influence, as well as The Power of Thoughtful Leadership. She is an accomplished leadership consultant and executive coach who works with C-suite leaders in Fortune 100 organizations and not-for-profits, helping them become more Thoughtful—more...