If Memoir is a Slice of Life, How Many Pieces Do You Get?



Say you've written a memoir, or a linked essay collection. Having sliced your life pie once, you want to do it again, and again. In this session, we'll examine the myriad ways authors dice their lives and leave readers hungry for more. The menu is eclectic - from a chronological approach and stories bounded by life-changing loss, trauma or relationships, to careers, travel and narrative voices conducive to serial memoirs or essay collections. if you've wondered whether you've already served up your best material, this session will have you sourcing ingredients for your next book.

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  • Dorothy Rice

    Dorothy Rice is the author of two memoirs, GRAY IS THE NEW BLACK (Otis Books, June 2019) and THE RELUCTANT ARTIST (Shanti Arts, 2015). Her essays and stories have been published in many literary journals and magazines, including Hippocampus. After raising five children and retiring from a career managing statewide...