If I Want Your Opinion, I'll Pay You For It: Expressing Yourself Through Op-Eds



You have opinions, you express them all the time on social media, over coffee with friends, in emails that you save to drafts—why not do so effectively, and with style? With a good op-ed, a writer can share their expertise, build their platform, and weigh-in on the most critical issues of the day. This breakout session will review basic op-ed structure, introduce the fundamentals of logic that are key to an op-ed's success, and talk about publishing them in paying markets. Attendees will generate ideas for and outline a few op-eds of their own.

Post-Conference Materials

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  • Kelly Caldwell

    Pronouns: she/her
    Dean of Faculty, Gotham Writers

    Kelly Caldwell posts most of her opinions on twitter, but her work has also appeared in Vox, Pacific Standard, and House Beautiful, among others. She's also dean of faculty at Gotham Writers.