How to Write What You Don't Know



An oft repeated "rule" of writing is to write what you know. The challenge is to write what we don't know particularly with regards to so-called "marginalized" characters. In this session we will discuss some steps to take to address this challenge (and avoid having our work become a Twitter sensation for all the wrong reasons). We will begin by discussing the origins and use of the marginalized label, its appropriateness and/or lack thereof, and continue with how it's imperative to treat all characters with compassion and humility.

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  • Angie Chatman

    Angie Chatman is a freelance writer, editor, and storyteller. Her most recent essay "Ode to Poundcake" was published in Pangyrus and nominated for a 2020 Pushcart Prize; her essay "Not Like Mel's" was anthologized in DINE (Books by Hippocampus). Other short stories and essays can be found in The Rumpus,...