Beyond Touchdowns, Homeruns and Heroes: Writing About Sports And Athletes



Americans spend over $100 billion a year on sports. Nonfiction writers and memoirists are missing opportunities to publish by not writing for this market. But there's more to sports writing than capturing wins, losses and dramatic plays. This session examines how writing about sports and athletes can lead to great storytelling that focuses on history, social justice issues, popular culture, human relationships and more. Writing strategies for writers who aren't sports enthusiasts will be shared by someone who had never written about football – and sold a book about it in less than two months.

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  • Vicki Mayk

    Vicki Mayk is a memoirist, nonfiction writer and magazine editor who has enjoyed a 40-year career in journalism and public relations. Her nonfiction book, Growing Up On the Gridiron: Football, Friendship, and the Tragic Life of Owen Thomas (Beacon Press) was published in September 2020. Her creative nonfiction has been...