Stephanie Feuer



Stephanie Feuer is a New York City-based writer and marketing executive. She's written about taste and smell for Smithsonian, Narratively, and on Medium, and has discussed anosmia on the BBC and several podcasts. Her article, “Why Covid-19 Patients Are Suffering From Distorted and Phantom Smells,” was one of Smithsonian Magazine’s Top Stories of 2020 and was selected as a Top Piece for Best Shortform Science Writing: July-December 2020. She is currently writing a book about smell loss. Stephanie’s essays have been published in The New York Times, Slate, NBC News THINK, Narratively, The Billfold, Good Housekeeping/Organic Life, The Forward and numerous anthologies. She is the author of a novel for young adults, DRAWING AMANDA (HipsoMedia, 2014). For the majority of her career she was a marketing executive at The New York Times Company. Find her at or @StephanieFeuer.